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Share the message of Eternal Life in 60 seconds... then access more 1-2 minute expanded lessons & explain in greater detail... how and why salvation works. A POWERFUL must have tool for easily sharing & explaining the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Birds & Bees Talk - God's Way


In a world that perverts sex, and a society that seeks to indoctrinate our kids with depraved, ungodly views and morals, this step-by-step ebook helps Christin parents easily walk through and establish a biblical understanding of sex... God's way!


Have A Year-Round Christmas Spirit

Audio+ e-BOOK

Learn how to recognize and RESIST cultural influences YEAR-ROUND and build habits to bring you into a closer fellowship with Christ.  By using Christmas as a talking point, we'll examine our own faith & trust as we begin to LET GOD LEAD... even more!


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Download this Print & Fold easy Bible Reading Chart. With Old & New Testament books, one box for each chapter to highlight when you're done reading any specific chapter. Very simple and easy chart to follow... and it's great for all ages!


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A new eBook exposing the life-altering differences between
Critical Race Theory and The Gospel of Jesus Christ
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Current AudioBook and eBook:

The Christian Christmas Condition

Cultural conditioning is preventing us from seeing our Lord the way HE desires!  It's also dictating how we should view God and worship Him during the holidays... diminishing a full appreciation of God. 

Rediscover the awe of God and our Liberating Savior, Jesus Christ. The Christian Christmas  Condition is a guide to help us avoid negative cultural influences and draw us closer to God... so that we can unwrap the forgotten fullness of our Lord!

Experience Christmas from God's perspective!

Filled with Bible references, this enjoyable study will boost your faith, increase your knowledge, and strengthen you to honor God and Jesus Christ in a whole new way.

3-in-1 Bundle:
Audio Book +eBook
+pdf Study Notes






"The author has provided excellent scripture references that caused me to pause, and reevaluate what I have considered to be festive holiday traditions."

- Yvonne Cox

"Open up your mind and venture into this book that will test your thoughts on Christmas! You are in for a treat!"

- Amanda Roberson

"This book is very thought provoking, which to me, is the sign of a well-written book. It made me think."

- Randy Nickerson

"Historically and scripturally accurate, this book gently guides readers through the process of examining their beliefs and practices surrounding the Christmas holiday."

- Brad Molen

"Wow! What have I done? I strongly urge you to get this book, then have a good conversation about it with your children, of any age. I am!"

- T.D.

"This helps Christian parents answer the question, 'What do we tell the kids?'"

- Dixie Hines

"This book has reinforced my need to seek God's point of view on a regular basis to discern for myself how to live as a Christian."

- Brenda C.

"This is a fascinating read that all Christians need to consider... Chapter 12 in particular."

- Sandi R.

"If you or your family struggle to reconcile today's commercialized Christmas with the true meaning, I strongly recommend you read this book!"

- Mark M.

"Well written from a very personal heart felt place as well as from a biblical perspective."

- Linda Hughes

"Very Enlightening at a minimum. Every reader will get something out of this book!"

- Jake R.

"Great book! Scott reminds us that our children are looking up to and TRUSTING us to tell them the truth about God. "

- Melinda Maddux

"Intriguing! Was excited to "browse through it" on my flight. It consumed the entire flight :-) "

- Mathias Noriega

"Fabulous reading! You’ll want to share it with friends."

- Ron Arrington

"Eye-Opening! I was surprised how much this made me re-evaluate my outlook on The Christmas Spirit."

- Owen R.

The Christian Christmas Condition is a MUST HAVE book for every Christian library or bookshelf

Get your copy now with a friend and start a book club... a Bible study... or just enjoy a powerful, uplifting Christian book and let your spirit grow!

Cultural conditioning is causing mental boundaries in Christians, preventing us from seeing our Lord the way HE desires!

Our culture is dictating how we should view God and worship Him during the holidays. But do we really want an "All American Christmas"... or do we need an All of Jesus Christmas?

Social norms have diminished full appreciation of God. Let’s rediscover the awe of God and have fellowship with a worthy Father and His Son the way HE desires this Christmas!

Using Christmas as a starting platform for discussion… we will unwrap the forgotten fullness of our Lord that's been hidden under holiday habits!  Then things get really good when we expand out to include the WHOLE YEAR!

Listen! Can you hear Jesus calling for Christmas to be more than what it is today? He’s calling for a return to love Him FULLY! Everyone from the Holy Land to the heartland, from the independent woman to the family man, from the housemaid to the handyman… when celebrating Jesus, ALL should love and imitate Christ to the fullest.

As Christians we should never lie. Especially to our children. We want them to think 'Jesus loves me' (not Santa). At night we want them to pray to God, trust God, be inspired by God, and the last thing we'd love them to say is good night GOD, falling asleep with dreams of HIM blessing them. Santa Claus has been embodied as the alchemist (or magical wizard) Satan wants us and our kids to focus on MORE than our Savior. The devil wants us distracted, but Jesus’ alternative plan is that we stay focused on Him! We'll talk about why and how.

During the ritual we all follow from about November 9 through December 25, we spend 45 days focusing frequently on a conjured character… and spend zero days aptly appreciating a righteous redeemer! Jesus always should be the main focus as reminders of him are everywhere in life. But if we're not looking, it’s hard to see Him!

Today we find ourselves in a strange new world where culture dictates how we should experience and celebrate Christ. But we’re being mislead! Culture tells us how we should honor God. But God’s expectations are counterculture. God says live HIS truth. Culture says live your truth. God says one thing. Culture says the opposite. We’re now embraced by a whirling storm of chaos and confusion desperately desiring a cerebral serenity in the storm! But what is the right thinking for a culture in chaos? The right thinking is to stop overthinking and LET GOD LEAD!

We will explore how to be still and know that He is God! He wants to show us HIS happy place, and take us way beyond the story of a simple baby in a Manger!

But the decision to experience a bigger God than ANY culture can offer… is within ourselves. It starts with us. When we seek Him and discover the verity of His vast Love, it ends with us experiencing our Lord in a much bigger way!

Cultural peer pressure is burdensome and works at reshaping and changing our mind to try and suppress our living testimony. But be resilient and encouraged! We will not be silenced as the praise in our voices rising to Emmanuel increases with a year-round Christmas spirit that hopefully… starts another Jesus Revolution that will outlive generations to come!

So don't hold back! There's no reason to hide our faith and praise behind captivating cultural traditions anymore. Read along and stand strong! Whether you're parenting teens or toddlers, or if you just want to be a woman of wisdom, or a man of faith - grab your esv study Bible.. your nkjv Bible... or whatever version you enjoy most, and follow along using God's word as the firm foundation to grow your faith in a mighty way.

This book is designed to be highly effective for:

  • A stronger walk in faith
  • Forgive like God
  • Believe, trust, and honor God amidst all worldly oppositions

Packed with:

  • Bible references
  • Questions for group leaders/ book clubs
  • Sermon topics
  • Family Bible study outlines
  • Ample alliterations for enhanced enjoyment and refreshing reinforcement of God's perfect principles

Discussions Include:

  • When was Jesus born
  • When was Jesus crucified
  • Christmas origin
  • Christmas original meaning
  • How did Christmas become a holiday
  • How did Christmas change over time
  • Christmas commercialism
  • What is the meaning of Christmas
  • Christmas summary
  • Christmas activities for kids
  • Christmas activities for adults
  • Christmas activities for families

For Preachers, Teachers, Pastors, Bible and Church Leaders:

  • Thanksgiving sermon ideas and thought provoking material
  • Christmas sermon ideas and thought provoking material
  • Christmas sermon titles and topics


No matter your Christian beliefs, we hope this reading experience leaves you knowing that God’s love does wonders in our lives when we seek Him first -

Be Blessed


"Why God

Remarried His Ex"

Does God even understand the pain and frustration I feel as I go through this divorce?

YES! God knows your pain because He went through a divorce with Israel. In this amazing book, we re-trace the "love life" of God, as He married Israel, got cheated on, suffered through a vicious cycle of sin-separation-repentance-forgiveness-restoration-sin again etc., then abuse, divorce, and finally re-marriage to His unworthy ex!

The most exciting discovery is... WHY?

Now God is calling us (those going through divorce) Eph.5:1 to follow in His footsteps for a reason and a purpose that goes far beyond what many of our churches, pastors and "Christian counselors" are not telling us.

With God, divorce is NOT the end... it's a tough road to purging sin, THEN miraculous healing and restoration into a NEW beautiful relationship...



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