Experience Christmas from God's perspective!

Filled with Bible references, this enjoyable study will boost your faith, increase your knowledge, and strengthen you to honor God and Jesus Christ in a whole new way.

"The author has provided excellent scripture references that caused me to pause, and reevaluate what I have considered to be festive holiday traditions."

- Yvonne Cox

"Open up your mind and venture into this book that will test your thoughts on Christmas! You are in for a treat!"

- Amanda Roberson

"This book is very thought provoking, which to me, is the sign of a well-written book. It made me think."

- Randy Nickerson

"Historically and scripturally accurate, this book gently guides readers through the process of examining their beliefs and practices surrounding the Christmas holiday."

- Brad Molen

"Wow! What have I done? I strongly urge you to get this book, then have a good conversation about it with your children, of any age. I am!"

- T.D.

"This helps Christian parents answer the question, 'What do we tell the kids?'"

- Dixie Hines

"This book has reinforced my need to seek God's point of view on a regular basis to discern for myself how to live as a Christian."

- Brenda C.

"This is a fascinating read that all Christians need to consider... Chapter 12 in particular."

- Sandi R.

"If you or your family struggle to reconcile today's commercialized Christmas with the true meaning, I strongly recommend you read this book!"

- Mark M.

"Well written from a very personal heart felt place as well as from a biblical perspective."

- Linda Hughes

"Very Enlightening at a minimum. Every reader will get something out of this book!"

- Jake R.

"Great book! Scott reminds us that our children are looking up to and TRUSTING us to tell them the truth about God. "

- Melinda Maddux

"Intriguing! Was excited to "browse through it" on my flight. It consumed the entire flight :-) "

- Mathias Noriega

"Fabulous reading! You’ll want to share it with friends."

- Ron Arrington

"Eye-Opening! I was surprised how much this made me re-evaluate my outlook on The Christmas Spirit."

- Owen R.

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