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Avoid the NIV (New International Version) Bible Translation



Missing Verses and Misleading or Bad Translations:

Since 1978 when the NIV was released, it is true that this version seems easier to read for some people and has become a popular version of the Bible. However there have been many verses omitted from God's word in the NIV, along with many changes that are either misleading or outright opposed to God’s foundational message.

The following is a compiled list of all of the Bible verses missing from the New International Version. It is important to note these were not accidentally left out, but removed for a purpose. Once you see and read what was purposefully omitted, it may cause sadness, anger, frustration and hopefully a resolve to not only avoid the NIV translation but to share with others the truth of why it is important to find and read, and study a Bible that will reveal 100% of gods truths. 

We are commanded in Ephesians 5:1 to imitate God.  If you do not know all of God's nature, Jesus’ deity...

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My Body, My Choice dilemma


Pro Choice means – kill your opponent before they can share THEIR Right to Choose


Pro Choice boasts a supposed “morality” of a “RIGHT”… TO CHOOSE.

But IF - the baby were given the same “RIGHT” TO CHOOSE,

With time to learn to speak and the “RIGHT”  to express it’s feelings,

the baby MIGHT say:

  1. NO! Don’t kill me bc I remind you of being raped (only 1-2% of abortion cases)
  2. NO! Don’t kill me bc being pregnant is life threatening (0.01%)
  3. NO! Don’t kill me bc “YOUR CHOICE” to have sex, messes up your life’s plans (98%)



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LGBTQI+ in God's kingdom

Somebody posted on Twitter / X :

The LGBTQI+ movement has become a 'religion'. It's a religion for people who don't have God or a personal set of beliefs and morals or a purpose.


I responded:

It's about gaining power via "Minority" status. Wanting us to approve their lifestyle. We won't. So LGB unites with "T" to gain more clout 'shaming' us for not accepting them. We won't. They join with Q & I. What next? "O" for opposition? LGBTQIO? now... they're not a minority!

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Abuse in Marriage - IS SIN


Sin separates


When I got married in 1998, I loved my wife. Very much. She checked off so many boxes on my list of a dream bride, I felt like she was just like my mom… and in some categories even better! Today there is a divorce that keeps us apart – what the heck happened?

I did not proactively love her the way God commanded me.

To be a loving husband, God told me what to do:

Love her like Christ loved the church. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others (your bride) better than yourself.

But out of my pride I did not pay attention and apply this principles daily.

As a result, I abused my wife and my children to the point that she left.  I didn’t think I was an abuser, but I was. Some of you men may not think you're abusing your wives - but you are. Let me show you how abuse started with me and grew out of control...

ABUSE IN MARRIAGE can be born out of, and disguise itself in these...

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Does God Give Santa Milk & Cookies?

Author Scott Rankin
Does God Give Santa Milk & Cookies?


(chapter 12 from "The Christian Christmas Condition")

Does Santa Claus bring honor to God? If God’s word tells us not to lie (Leviticus 19:11; Proverbs 12:22; Proverbs 13:5; Proverbs 14:5; John 8:44; Colossians 3:9), then what are we doing trying to convince our children that the blessings they receive on Christmas day come from a jolly red elf who lives at the North Pole and rides in a magic sleigh pulled by flying reindeer (one of which has a glowing red nose), who knows when they’re sleeping and when they’re awake, who sees all their deeds, good or bad, and who delivers the good things they ask him for? If you say, “But Santa is not a lie; he is the spirit of goodness in all of us as we give to our children,” you need to hold on and wait for more than just a “New York minute.”

Be very careful; if you believe the statement that Santa is the spirit of goodness in us, then you just replaced the...

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