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Abuse in Marriage - IS SIN


Sin separates


When I got married in 1998, I loved my wife. Very much. She checked off so many boxes on my list of a dream bride, I felt like she was just like my mom… and in some categories even better! Today there is a divorce that keeps us apart – what the heck happened?

I did not proactively love her the way God commanded me.

To be a loving husband, God told me what to do:

Love her like Christ loved the church. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others (your bride) better than yourself.

But out of my pride I did not pay attention and apply this principles daily.

As a result, I abused my wife and my children to the point that she left.  I didn’t think I was an abuser, but I was. Some of you men may not think you're abusing your wives - but you are. Let me show you how abuse started with me and grew out of control...

ABUSE IN MARRIAGE can be born out of, and disguise itself in these...

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